Dora is a female contemporary artist, illustrator and graffiti painter based in Bristol, UK. Dora brings a fresh feminine style with her distinctive ladies (portraits of her friends) and stylish patterns, encompasses print, graffiti, illustrative ink, painting and drawing taking on the boy heavy walls and galleries and bringing a refreshing look to contemporary art. Her work is current, though reflecting influences from art nouveau, Japanese prints, burlesque, Greek mythology and 50’s tattoo design its wrapped up and packaged with an up to date edge and firmly stands by itself.

Dora is an established international Artist, illustrator and graffiti painter. She has featured work in Selfridges, ‘Mu-Tate Britain‘ (London), ‘Crimes of Passion‘, (Bristol, UK) with ‘’Puma’’, ‘Line Steppers‘ (Birmingham), Paris, Marseille, New York and the streets of Berlin to name but a few. Dora has rebranded and designed the corporate identity for ‘Lipcote’.

Dora has collaborations that include; Rowdy, Paris, Milk, K148, Amour and Hine. Dora is part of the female collective ‘Great Birds of the British Isles’ formed in 2009.

This website is the most comprehensive collection of Dora’s work to date